The best online pokies apps


Not so long ago, our phones were used for nothing more but to call people and receive calls, and recieve texts and send them back. But then, developers started adding cameras to our phones, and we realized that phones do not have to be just phones. They could be smart phones. And, that’s where it kicked off, and now we no longer have just mobile phones in our pockets, we have tiny computers by our side.

These tiny computers can now hook up to internet and you can play every single game you wish to on them. And if you are especially interested in online pokies, we give you some of the best apps that can be put under this wing. So, without any further ado, we give you the best mobile pokies apps that can be found on iTunes.


One of the best mobile pokies out there is Pokie Magic. This game was developed by an independent developer, and was released for both smart phones and computers. It is very realistic, graphics are great, and it is extremely funny. Some of the most popular games here include Totam Treasure, Dragon Dollars, Monkey Money, etc. Avalon is another mobile pokies, but this one was created by a well known company – Spin3/Microgaming. It is a poker machine with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Some of the games include The King’s Crown, The King’s Coat of Arms, The King’s Brooch. In this game, you can find free spins bonus games, wild symbols, gamble bonus games, etc.

Electronic Art had produced Tetris Blitz, which is completely free, and is one of the most popular games today. You have a timer, and you must do your best to beat it in this game. Some features of this game include boosters that come with high scores, explosive effects that can give you additional points, group chatting on Facebook, etc.

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Slots Casino is a game developed by TOPGAME, and has received great ratings. You can download it for free, and will even get a free bonus of 3,000 coins once you start playing the game. Good thing about this game is the fact that it suits iPhone 5 perfectly, you get free spins while playing it, you have various betting options, you can use boosters to multiply your winnings, you can play it in offline mode, etc.


Slots: Lucky Jackpot is another pokies game created by Breaktime Studios. It is very well rated, and can be downloaded for free. Like in most other mobile pokies, you get some coins as soon as you sign up, and there are some other features that you may enjoy, such as: unlocking slot machines, free spins, bonuses every hour, playing with Facebook friends, stockpiling coins, etc.

Online Skill Limited has developed Clickfun Casino, which is a fast mobile pokie that includes receiving giveaways and free spins, great audio and video effects, additional features that only get bigger, free coins every hour, sharing the fun with your Facebook friends, etc.